Virtual Business Addresses

A virtual business address is a physical location that business owners can use as their own business address, without having to have a physical office presence. It is the perfect choice for any business who wants a business address without the cost and commute that comes with travelling to an office to work.

If you are someone who moves around a lot, you may not know where you will be living and working in the future. But by having a virtual business address, there is a constant business location which will not move, no matter how often you do! Even if you move abroad, a virtual address can allow you to set up a UK-based business from anywhere.

Why choose a virtual business address?


With a virtual business address, you could be working from anywhere, but your customer need not know that. For all intents and purposes, you have an office (or offices) based in locations around the UK, which can help add a degree of credibility to your business.

Mailing Address

Rather than using a personal address to have all of your business mail delivered to, having a virtual business address helps to keep your work life and personal life separate. We can also open and scan your mail to your email address, so you can read your mail the same day that it arrives.


A virtual business address costs a fraction of the price of a physical office space, and with our pay-as-you-go contracts, you are not tied into lengthy agreements.

If a virtual address is the right choice for your business, get in touch with us and find out how we can help.