Telephone Answering Service

Our friendly team of professional call handlers take pride in answering each and every call with the same personal, professional and friendly service. Our teams are managed efficiently to ensure that your calls get answered straight away.

Let us handle your calls

Setting up your virtual telephone answering service could not be easier and we have a range of plans, so be sure to find one that suits you. Whether you’re a start up or well established, our plans provide the very best in value for money.

What’s more, we offer the flexibility to change your plan on a monthly basis as your business grows.

We don’t expect that you’ll ever want to cancel, but if you do, for any reason, you can do so with a month’s notice.

To provide cover for unforeseen or planned absence of your own telephone staff, such as holidays or sickness, we can provide a service that you can turn on or off as and when required, at a moment’s notice, offering you the perfect back-up so that you can continue to provide the same professional service to your customers.

Why choose Jet Virtual?

Messages emailed

We email the details of every call to you promptly so that you can call the customer back at a time to suit you.


We are completely UK based so we can provide the best audio quality for your customers. Our customer handlers speak English fluently.

Scrap the Script

You probably don’t refer to a script every time you answer a call? Neither do we! Our Customer handlers are human and enjoy listening to your customers needs and being able to help.

Experienced staff

We provide our customer handlers with the very best work environment to ensure that they continue to enjoy what they do.

We work as a team and everyone receives regular training and coaching to ensure that they are the best that they can be.

A personalised service

We answer your calls as if we are one of your team, so your customers don’t need to know that you outsource your telephone service.

Voicemall included

We provide a voicemail service so that you don’t miss any calls that are made out of hours.

Calls answered Monday to Friday 8:30am - 6:30pm & Saturday 9am - 2pm.

Here's how it works

Meet with your Jet Virtual PA

You will firstly be assigned a Personal Assistant who will get to know you and your business inside out, so that they can tailor a plan and service to suit you.

Start diverting your calls

This part is very easy. Simply use your own telephone number, which will be easily diverted to our contact centre. When anyone calls you, we will know that it’s one of your customers and answer the call accordingly. If you don’t currently have a phone number, we can provide you with an 0207 number, completely free of charge.

Start seeing the benefits of Jet Virtual!

Your telephone answering service can be set up within 48 hours and you’re up and running.

What else we offer

Your business address

Your business address forms part of your company reputation, we can provide a premium business address for you with mail forwarding service.

Your questions

The telephone answering service is flexible and can be cancelled at any time with just one months’ notice. It can also be re-started again straight away.

When someone calls your telephone number, our telephony system picks up that it’s one of your customers. The call will automatically be answered by someone who is trained to answer your calls.

The telephone answering service is completely seamless to the caller. They will simply call your number and a trained Call Handler will answer as if they work for your company.

You will have a team of Call Handlers, all trained to answer your calls and our telephony system can receive numerous calls into your company at any time. So if you suddenly get an influx of calls, following a marketing campaign, we can handle that for you.