Top Tips for Making the Best Call Answering Service Script

Call answering service script
The overall aims of your business, frequently asked questions and call greetings are just a few examples of crucial elements that should be communicated to your call handlers in order to provide the best possible customer experience.

When using our telephone answering service, we become an extension of your business. Because of this, it is important that an accurate call answering script is provided so we know exactly how you would like us to handle your calls and communicate with customers.

To help you create the best possible call answering script, we have outlined some top tips below:

First Impressions

They say first impressions count for a lot, so it’s important to get this right as it sets the tone for the rest of the conversation. The words that you choose should aim to make the caller feel welcomed but be concise and to the point. Very often, companies have wordy intros that are so long, that by the time they’ve finished you’ve forgotten why you called in the first place!

If you have an unusual or hard-to-pronounce business name, be sure to provide a clear pronunciation guide to help your call handler.

Extracting Key Information

Once you have established your greeting, the next step is to extract the key information you need from your caller. Depending on your business, this information will differ, but traditionally you will want to know:

  • Caller’s name
  • The company they are calling for
  • Purpose of phone call
  • Contact details so the call can be returned

If you have further, more specific informational requirements, be sure to make a note of these so whoever is screening your calls knows the right questions to ask the caller.

Handling Enquiries

Once you have established the information that you want the call handling agent to collect, the next step is to outline how the agent can help your callers. Examples of how this part of the call can be handled include:

  • Booking an appointment at a later date between you and the caller
  • Take a brief reason for the call and forward it to a member of your team

Offer advice based on a list of frequently asked questions

Leave Room for Personality

The purpose of your call answering script is to guide agents, not to be recited word for word. The script should give enough to show the tone that you want the agent to be using but still allow for them to have some personality in the call.

If you make the script too rigid and restrictive, the call handling agent will sound more like a recording than a person, which may have a detrimental effect on your customers. But giving clear instructions while allowing room for added flair will mean that our agents will soon feel just like an extension of your own business.

How Can We Help?

This script could be the most important piece of marketing that you could write, so taking the time to get it right is important. Your answering service scripts don’t have to be great works of literature to be effective. Rather than making you stand out, your script should make your customers feel comfortable while you extract the necessary information from the call.

If you want to discuss creating your call handling script in further detail or to see how we can help your business, give us a call on 020 7692 7556, email us at [email protected] or fill out our contact form.



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