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Cheap Virtual Office London

Have you ever considered using a London virtual office address for your business?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy the benefits that comes with having a prime London office address but without the ridiculous prices it usually comes with?

What is a London Virtual Office?

A virtual office is best defined by the types of services it can offer to small and medium-sized businesses.

* Mail forwarding – When your business is based in London, most people assume that it is because yours is a prominent company and they are thus more willing to pay higher prices. You can start enjoying this type of response from your target market by using a prime London office address – it is also great if you are looking to target the local London businesses.
* Meeting Rooms – You could even meet existing or potential clients at your London virtual office address for a small hourly or daily fee. No need to worry about having to meet clients at a coffee shop which may not be a great first impression.
* Virtual Receptionist Service – Alongside your virtual office address, Virtual receptionist services allow you to have your calls answered and handled professionally. Telephone calls can be patched through to you wherever you are or messages can be taken so you don’t lose a potentially big business opportunity.

Cheap Virtual Offices in London?

Although London tends to be expensive when it comes to most things. You can find Cheap Virtual Offices in London.

There are various factors that contribute to the cost of a cheap virtual office London address.

The location is always going to be the greatest factor in price. A virtual office address in Mayfair is clearly going to be more expensive then a virtual office address in Regent Street for example. W1 London virtual office addresses are more expensive than any other London postcode because of the prestige that a W1 London office address commands.

The best thing to do is find out if there are any deals to be had. Most Virtual Office companies offer deals throughout the year.

For more information on finding a Cheap Virtual Office London address: Call 0845 381 0001

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Voice Mail Or A Telephone Answering Service?

Did you know that eight out of ten people choose to hang up rather than leave you a voicemail? Think about it – how much business have you lost out on because you weren’t able to answer the phone? Perhaps you were in a meeting, or on the phone to someone else. A prospective client tried to call you, and was met with: “Thank you for calling ABC Limited. I’m sorry we are unable to take your call, please leave a message after the tone…. BEEEEP…” Not very impressive. And so they move on to the next entry in the phone book. Why not replace your voicemail with a telephone answering service?
Voice mail has its uses, of course, but only if people actually choose to leave you a message. A telephone answering service guarantees that you will know exactly who has called you and why they were calling. People will give information to other people that they would not give to an answering machine. The best thing about a telephone answering service is that your customers will assume that the person answering the phone is your in-house receptionist. Your receptionist will answer the phone in your company name, as if they worked for you.
If your client requires a call back, your telephone answering service will ensure that you get the client’s name, phone number and query sent to your mobile or email. You can then phone back as soon as you have a free moment. You can also ask your telephone answering service to put calls through to you. If you are expecting a very important call, for example, but are too busy to take any other calls, your telephone answering service can screen your calls, making sure that you only get the calls you want, when you want them.
Signing up with an answering service comes for as little as 99p per call, and if you think about the amount of business that could be generated from one phone call (it always starts with a phone call), this price is ridiculously low. On top of this, an answering service makes your company seem a lot more prestigious than it would if you only relied on voicemail. Remember, your client thinks the person answering the phone is working on your physical premises. A lot more impressive than a machine message!
So, don’t lose out on any more business than you already have – sign up with our answering service today!

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Cheap Virtual Offices London

Small businesses are looking to gain some instant trust by looking for cheap virtual offices in London. Virtual offices in London vary in price and can very much depend on location. City of London virtual office addresses such as EC1, EC2, EC3 and EC4 or a West End address such as W1, WC1, WC2, NW1 will be more expensive than any other virtual office London address as they are higher in demand. However, even these prime real estate locations are very affordable for a small business looking for a bigger image. There is becoming a lot of demand for cheap virtual offices in London. According to Google there are 600 local searches a month for the term cheap virtual offices, there are just over 4000 monthly searches for the term virtual offices London and just over 33,000 local monthly searches for virtual offices.

In this state of economy every business owner is trying to cut costs where possible and a virtual office is yet another way to save. London business mailing addresses provide small businesses with an instant branding boost and give a great first impression. London mailing addresses can be used for small businesses located outside London to gain an instant London presence without the expensive overhead costs. Many virtual offices in London provide meeting rooms and therefore business owners can also use London virtual offices for meeting clients based in London.

Virtual office costs vary and cheap virtual offices in London can start from just £25.00 a month. Which compared to the rent rates in London, is an astonishing difference.
Some businesses use a London virtual office address as a complimentary address to their existing business address.

For more information regarding a London virtual office address for your business, please contact Jet Virtual on 0845 381 0001 or leave your details on the website and someone will contact you shortly.

Enhance your business get your London virtual office address today!

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